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The corona virus outbreak has significantly impacted the healthcare providers operating with outpatient setting. Number of patients availing outpatient services have drastically reduced and in parallel there has been surge in number of telemedicine and at-home service appointments booked. Individuals today prefer to avail the services in comfort and safety of their home and this has become new normal across various other industries including healthcare.


With this change in dynamics, there is a need for healthcare providers to adapt newer technologies and business models to bring their services right at the doorstep of their patients.

State of healthcare industry today


drop in visits to avail outpatient care


growth in number of telemedicine appointments post outbreak


is size of US Home healthcare services market as of 2021

Housptl aims to revolutionize how at-home health services are provided by bringing services of healthcare providers to their patients in few taps

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Working with State Governments in US for providing COVID Vaccinations, Our client was looking for a platform that could help them manage large volumes of vaccine appointment bookings and to reach out to their patients at their home for providing vaccinations.

Case Study


Vaccinators On-board


Vaccinations Facilitated


Housptl allowed patients of our client to book services from the web and through the mobile app and track real-time status on their booking,

  • Patients have access to mobile app for both Android and iOS environment allowing them to book COVID vaccine and testing appointments on the go

  • Our client is able to update their patients real-time when a healthcare provider is assigned and even give live location status of their providers

  • Housptl enables client's patients to instantly schedule a video call with their care providers

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