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Route Optimization

Are you an in-home healthcare provider who's tired of inefficient routes? With Housptl's Route Optimization you can plan the most efficient route for your nurses with just a few clicks. Our AI-based algorithm makes sure they reach the patient's location on time and helps you optimize visit plans to reduce cost and save resources.  Optimize your home visits today with Housptl.

FHIR & HL7 Ready

Seamlessly connect healthcare ecosystems and unlock the potential of data with Housptl. Our command center makes healthcare interoperability easier than ever before. Integrate with other applications and improve healthcare outcomes through secure, efficient data sharing. Unlock the power of a connected healthcare system today.

Flexible & Modular

Our modular and customizable platform is designed to meet the unique needs of every healthcare facility. Team at Housptl works with you to understand your processes and configure the command center based on the need. Ability to configure the command center ensures that healthcare facilities have flexibility to manage their operations according to their processes.

CRM Integration

Keep your CRM systems and patients connected all the time to deliver a better customer experience. With Housptl, you can easily access patient data, send out mass notifications via text or email,  save time for more important things and keep your customer service running smoothly.

Data Analytics

Make better decisions with Housptl. Our real-time insights provide you with the data you need to assess your patient health and home care operations. Get detailed analysis on trends, performance, and more - with Housptl, it's easier than ever to make informed decisions quickly.

And much more

Our command center can drive lab orders, connect to pharmacies for prescription deliveries and can do so much more. Get in touch with our representatives to know more on how Housptl can help you in managing your healthcare facility more efficiently.

Patient Application

Allows patients to book services with ease and track exactly where their healthcare professional is. This easy-to-use app allows your patients to take charge of their health by managing their consultation history, follow-ups and results, all at their fingertips.

Provider Application

The state-of-the-art Control Panel allows healthcare providers to manage all aspects of patient care from beginning to end including managing full patient profile, attending video calls,  route optimization including FHIR integrations.

Book a Demo

If you would like to discuss how Housptl can add value to your practice, please don't hesitate to book a demo with our consultants. You can contact us by phone at +1 (415) 272 2220 or by email at We look forward to hearing from you.

Command Center

Take control of your homecare operations with Housptl's Command Center! Manage all your Patients and Care Providers with ease, streamlining operations and saving you time. Our robust and secure platform integrates with a variety of healthcare apps, providing everything you need to quickly get up and running. Get the peace of mind that comes from having your operations in one simple platform.

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