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Our Story

In early 2020, two large healthcare organizations needed to incorporate a home care delivery model. Doing so would have been cumbersome without a technology platform. Housptl was created to meet that need, and today continues its mission to care for home healthcare delivery organizations and the patients they serve.

The impact of Housptl on patients and care providers has been incredible. 250,000 patients receive care at home in multiple states and numerous cities. Most importantly, an amazing HCO + Housptl = MORE time caring for patients.

Patients find it easier to request home care or telemedicine appointments. Administrators have spent less time coordinating which providers see which patients. Care providers have appreciated the routing functionality and an easy phone interface for logging patient outcomes.

Housptl empowers healthcare providers with technology that delivers efficient at-home care with a high-quality patient experience. We allow your patients to take charge of their health by booking appointments, ordering labs, and receiving medical or home care from home or tele-consultation. Your patients book services with ease and track exactly where their healthcare professional is.

Sheikh Sadiq

President/ Co-Founder

Sheikh Sadiq is the brains behind the IT infrastructure for Housptl. His technological expertise has been one of the key accelerators in the smooth and agile operations of the company.

Deepak Gupta

Chief Executive Officer

Deepak has fifteen years of venture investing experience across four institutional funds. Before investing, he was an entrepreneur or in management roles, having two exits in Healthcare with Cepheid and Neuropace.

Antonia  Beltran

Director of Biz Dev

With over 15 years of experience in IT and Human Resources, Antonia is responsible for a variety of corporate functions including customer support services and partnership development.

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