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Empowering At-Home Healthcare

Housptl brings services of healthcare providers to their patients at home in few taps

What we do

Housptl works with hospitals, nursing homes and labs that want to deliver their healthcare services at-home or through telemedicine to their patients. The platform allows patients to seamlessly book appointments or place orders for a lab test through a mobile app with easy and clean interface. Additionally, it allows patients to receive real time location notifications when a healthcare provider is on the way to provide service.


Our technology platform has also been deployed to practices who are working closely with State Governments in USA in assisting mass vaccination against COVID-19.


Allows patients to book services with ease and track exactly where their healthcare professional is. This easy-to-use app allows your patients to take charge of their health by managing their consultation history, follow-ups and results, all at their fingertips.

Patient App

  • Appointment Management

  • Book Vaccinations

  • Order Lab Tests

  • Doctor Teleconsultation

  • Real-Time Location Updates

  • Receive Reports

  • Push Notifications

Feature Highlights

The Care Provider app is installed on your healthcare professional's mobile device. The mobile device is then used as a check-in system and incorporates a location tracking software within to ensure maximum efficiency for at-home appointments.

Care Provider App

  • Manage Appointments

  • Visit Management

  • Service Timer

  • Capture Proof of Delivery

  • Get Patient Signatures

  • Track Travel Mileage

Feature Highlights

The state-of-the-art Control Panel allows healthcare providers to manage all aspects of patient care from beginning to end including managing full patient profile, attending video calls and route optimization. Control panel is also ready to integrate with any EHRs that follow REST protocol for integrations.

Control Panel

  • Manage Patient Profile

  • Route Optimizations

  • Manage Service Calendar

  • Roles & Permissions

  • Reports & Dashboards

  • EHR Integration (HL-7 Formats)

  • Reporting to State Repository

Feature Highlights

With surge in number of at-home vaccinations requested by our patients, we were looking at a reliable technology solution that would help us manage all field operations and even give flexibility to provide teleconsultation before scheduled visits. Housptl made this possible.

Chief Operating Officer

At large practice providing at-home health services

What we offer

Speak to one of our consultants to see Housptl in action. Book a product demo today.

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