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Housptl gives your healthcare practice the boost it needs

Ready to revolutionize home care? Housptl is the one-stop platform that offers a patient app, healthcare provider app and command center in the backend that integrates with other applications in the healthcare ecosystem making it easy to manage all your home care needs.

Allows patients to book services with ease and track location of their healthcare professional is. This easy-to-use app allows your patients to take charge of their health by managing their consultation history, follow-ups and results, all at their fingertips.

Patient Application

The Care Provider app is installed on your healthcare professional's mobile device. The mobile device is then used as a check-in system and incorporates a location tracking software within to ensure maximum efficiency for at-home appointments.

Provider Application

The state-of-the-art Control Panel allows healthcare providers to manage all aspects of patient care from beginning to end including managing full patient profile, attending video calls and route optimization. Control panel is also ready to integrate with any EHRs that follow REST protocol for integrations.

Command Center


Future of Homecare Management

Our Partner Network

We work closely with other industry leaders to provide you an holistic solution

Beating the COVID-19, One vaccine at a time

Working with State Governments in US for providing COVID Vaccinations, Our client was looking for a platform that could help them manage large volumes of vaccine appointment bookings and to reach out to their patients at their home for providing vaccinations.


Vaccinators On-Board


Vaccines Facilitated

Housptl Advantage

Ease of Access

Get access to valuable information with one touch eliminating the need to sift through file cabinets and save precious time for doctors and nurses.

Fosters Collaboration

Housptl provider app streamlines coordination between doctors, patients, and hospitals leading to reduced frustration and retain dedicated staff members over the long term.

Encrypted & Secure

We've made it easy for medical professionals to access, store and share health information securely and efficiently, allowing you to focus more on providing quality care.

Book a Demo

If you would like to discuss how Housptl can add value to your practice, please don't hesitate to book a demo with our consultants. You can contact us by phone at +1 (415) 272 2220 or by email at We look forward to hearing from you.

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